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Gaylene Hughes
20B Witako Street
Lower Hutt
Wellington, 5011
New Zealand
  021 468804
  04 566 1043
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90-Day Planning Competitive Edge Workshop

Are YOU Wanting to Create a Simple

90-Day Action Plan for Your Business?…

and have the competitive edge?

Does your business have extra $$$ potential?
Got some personal goals you’d like to achieve?

If you need time out from your day-to-day role to think, plan & strategise ….

It’s time for you to turn those dreams, goals and
ambitions – those good ideas – into reality!

We’ll help you create a simple & practical 90-day
action plan for the 1 October – 31st December 2018 period.

Winning in Business – Get your mind in the Game!

Top sportspeople know the ultimate key to winning is what happens in their mind… business is no

SPECIAL BONUSDAN SYMONDS, Sales De-Constructed Blogger

Maximise YOUR Sales Effectiveness!

We are all in sales, in one way or another. Understand YOUR “Why” so it helps define what YOUR ideal client looks like and know that if YOUR sales culture is flawed, success will be hard to come by. Build value-rich relationships through effective pipe-line management and the power of referrals. Dan will share techniques and strategies that will take your sales (and cashflow!) to the next level.

 for September

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Invite Coach Gaylene as Your Speaker (Your Members or Staff will Thank You)

  • Interactive and entertaining seminars or workshops, to give your members or staff massive value.
  • Practical and useful content. No fluff!!
  • A speaker who gets results, and will teach your members or staff what & how.
  • High energy and a positive attitude!

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