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Gaylene Hughes
20B Witako Street
Lower Hutt
Wellington, 5011
New Zealand
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Clive Cannon – The Happy Chemist

Winner – Pharmacy of the Year, Wellington Retailer of the Year 2013

It was all going well but I was juggling too many balls …

… and finding that the success of the business was actually taking me down. Gaylene has really helped me prioritise my tasks … and analyse where I can make more profit in the business. I was working every hour that God sends and extra hours as well. Now I’m having most Wednesdays off, and cut down my weekend work. I’m making more money and spending less, and have increased our profit by tens of thousands of dollars potentially a year. I feel more confident in myself and the decisions that I’m making, and more confident to leave my business to run itself.

Trish Stevens – Astra Healthcare

I always wanted to start a business …

… I always knew I was going to. But I had no clue about business.

Gaylene got me planning the future, doing a five-year plan and setting hairy audacious goals which are coming to fruition. I had wanted to be global within five years. We are within the fifth year and going to the UK and looking at opening in Australia in the next three months.

Gaylene got me inspired to make future plans, to think. I don’t think I would have gone through that process if I didn’t have a Coach, and the thinking has made the business in many ways. I had a goal and I achieved it. Having the ability to remove yourself from the business … gives you time to think and it is this that’s the difference between you and every other business. I have a fantastic business.

I have found that regular contact with Gaylene ensures things don’t fall by the wayside. Gaylene has introduced me to other interesting business owners, and I enjoy networking on a regular basis. I recommend business coaching, because of the support, and the external impartial advice.

I am so pleased that things are being achieved quickly, and it’s all happening at a pace that I’m comfortable with, as I’m balancing business with a fulfilling family life.

Hayley Lowe – Director, Lime Red Design

Gaylene is an action orientated business/personal coach that really looks at the needs of the individual and tailors her coaching to suit – no ‘out of the box’ stuff here – she treats every client with careful consideration as to where they’re at, both with their business and with their personal development.

I really enjoyed working with Gaylene – she’s incredibly knowledgeable about not only building profit (my business has moved ahead LEAPS and bounds and is more profitable than ever before) but making sure the individuals needs are met: profit without personal compromise.

If you’re after a coach with a heart as well as a bat (figuratively of course!) then you’re looking in the right place! I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gaylene to anyone who is keen to move their business forward.

I’ve been to the 90 Day Workshops and find them extremely useful. They’ve allowed me to take on board an overview of my business. I’ve got direction, I’ve got goals, I’ve got a high-level plan. Gaylene helps me picture those things and gives me tools to make it happen.

Peter Murphy – Regional Branch Director, Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Ltd

I would recommend Gaylene and her team to any business looking to improve or grow. Gaylene and her team have a great attitude and approach and they really do help you and your business to succeed.

We engaged Gaylene to help us to create a strong and robust plan for our Wellington Branch of 60 staff. We needed a new vision and had many areas of the business that required an on-going and continued focus. Gaylene was able to facilitate and support us to create a powerful vision for the year. We then set goals for the key areas of our business and Gaylene helped us to create a 90 Day activity plan that is now continually reviewed and worked on. Gaylene was able to use several techniques that helped us to get our management team together and to where we needed to be.


Ted Ward – Telecom Business Hub

I have found Gaylene’s ability to identify problem areas and areas of opportunity within our business refreshing and invigorating and her manner with assisting in approaching such matters has been inspirational and encouraging in both my development and that of our company.

During Gaylene’s time with our company she has assisted us through the closing of one of our stores and further assisted in the remodeling of our business during some very trying times. Gaylene has assisted in staff development and marketing opportunities and has been there to listen and offer advice when required of her.

Along with Gaylene’s personal skill sets she has considerable support and resource available through ActionCOACH which has also been of extreme value. If you are looking for a business coach who as an ability to identify, understand and empathise, along with the relevant skill set to deal with issues or maximise opportunities within your business then I would highly recommend her services.

I am more than happy for the reader of this correspondence to contact me directly if they have and questions or further enquiry.

Otila Osborne – OBB – Optimum Business Brokering, Global Inspired Living, SUCCESS EXECUTIVES

One on one coaching is awesome… the accountability is excellent. The earthquakes were disastrous for our business but inside 12 months we were able to reduce expenses and operate the company at a small profit and we did that using the coaching strategies we put in place.

The small expense that a business owner has to output for coaching is minimal compared to the turnaround you can get in your turnover. Even better still, the fact that the business can run without you, and for me, that was freedom.

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